Arts/Craft (Hall)











Proudly Sponsored by: TBA

Entry Fee: $1.00

Judge: TBA

Prize Money: 1st $5.00, 2nd $1.00, 3rd Card

Chief Steward: Violet Bright

Theme: Centenary (100 Years)

Entries Close: Thursday 26th January 2017


  1. All entries are subject to the by-laws of the Society.
  2. Prize money will be paid at the time of collection of exhibits. Unclaimed prize money will be forfeited if not collected from the Secretary’s Office within 14 days after the show.
  3. All exhibits must be the bona fide work of the exhibitor.
  4. Delivery of exhibits – exhibits to be delivered to the Showgrounds on Wednesday 25th January 2017 between 1pm-3pm only or a specified drop off point before Wednesday.
  5. Collection of exhibits – all exhibits will be available for collection after 3pm on Sunday 29th January 2017. The Society will not accept responsibility for exhibits not collected during that time.

Adult Arts/Craft

D01            Cross Stitch

D02            Mosaic

D03           Origami

D04           Knitting

D05           Crochet

D06           Painting

D07           Drawing

D08           Handmade Card

D09           Patchwork Pillow


Junior (10years to 16years)

B01            Portrait drawing

B02            Painting

B03            Drawing

B04           Writing a poem

B05            Article made from recycled material


Junior (9years & Under)

BK01          Sock Puppet

BK02         Painting

BK03         Drawing

BK04         Vegetable animal

BK05         Article made from recycled material

BK06         Lego Construction

diy insect screens