VAS Dog High Jump

Proudly Sponsored by:

Rice Growers

Entry Fee: $1.00

Judge: TBA

Prize Money: 1st Sash, Trophy & a bag of dog food, 2nd Sash & bag of dog food, 3rd Sash & bag of dog food

Chief Steward: TBA

Entries Close: Sunday 28th January 2018

Dog High Jump

CLASS 109      Small Dog under 50cms

CLASS 110      Medium Dog 50cms and over

CLASS 111      Large Dog 60cms and over

VAS Dog High Jump
This competition is open to all dogs of all shapes and sizes

Rules and Regulations

1. This competition is a test of the dog’s jumping ability

2. The competition is open to all dogs

3. The dog is permitted to jump on to or over the jump

4. A dog who has won at a local show/field day level will qualify for the State Final Judging

5. A dog can represent only one local show/field day

6. All dogs not competing must be on a lead with a handler in the marshalling area behind the competition area

7. Competition area should be 15 metres long by 8 metres wide

8. Only one dog may be loose in the competition area at any one time

9. There must be a handler at the top of the jump to act as a catcher if necessary, and a handler as a catcher at the bottom

10. The dog’s owner must supply one extra handler

11. A ladder will be provided for the handler

12. Each dog is allowed three attempts at each height

13. In the event of two dogs jumping the same height, the winner shall be determined as the dog that took the least number of attempts for the wining height

14. A dog may compete on a loose lead

15. If the dog is not on a loose lead the dog must be released at a minimum of three metres from the jump

16. Any mishandling or misuse of a dog will incur immediate disqualification

17. If, in the opinion of the stewards, a dog is unsafe to other competitors or the general public, it will be withdrawn from the competition

18. The jumps should be constructed according to the following specifications:-

19. The top must be a minimum of 600mm wide and covered with carpet or some such material

20. If your society is considering constructing a dog jump please contact the VAS office for detailed plans

21. Classes

22. Small dog class under 50cms

23. Medium dog class 50cms and less than 60cms

24. Large dog class 60cms and over

25. If since competing at a local show/field day, a winning dog has grown in height that dog must compete in the appropriate height class at the State Final


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